How much will a Mighty Box cost ?

Our prices are very competitive and our service is second to none. Get a free quote.

How do you pay for the Mighty Box ?

Visa or Master card paid monthly.

How big is a Mighty Box ?

One Mighty Box will fit a one bedroom apartment. The boxes can accommodate larger items like a couch or a bed frame. The dimensions of a Mighty Box are 2.4m (length) X 1.5m (width) X 2.2m (height) so it’s made to fit almost all household items. Mighty Box is easy to access so it is convenient when you want to load or unload your stuff.

Where can we deliver a Mighty Box to?

It can be delivered to any small space including your garage, driveway, apartment car park, office parking bay, on the road way and any other area you may require.

When can you access the Mighty Box ?

You can access your MightyBox at the warehouse 7 Days a week, however we do require 24 hour prior notice so we can get your Mighty Box ready. A $50 fee will apply.

What should not be stored in a Mighty Box ?

Flammable goods or something that could be hazardous.
No living animals or plants,
No perishable food or drinks, Explosives,
Dangerous goods and Toxic waste.

Can my Mighty Boxes be stored at my home or office?

Yes, provided it’s a safe environment.

Is there a time limit in which the Mightybox must be packed, ready for pick up?

There is no time limit. Take your time packing, just call us when it’s ready to be picked up

How much notice needs to be given for re-delivery of Mighty Boxes ?

You can arrange the redelivery by calling us. Monday to Friday during business hours. We need 5 working days’ notice.

What is the deal with the Insurance ?

Your goods are safe with Mighty Box, however you can purchase additional insurance if you prefer. Please refer to our Insurance guide.

Is the Mighty Box resistant to any weather conditions ?

Yes, you can be assured that all your goods are safe from any nasty weather. Our boxes are robust, durable and weather resistant.

Is the deposit refundable if there is a change of mind ?

Yes, we understand plans change and you may need your deposit refunded, however we will require 5 working days’ notice before the day of delivery.

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